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Determine eligibility for therapeutic venesection at Lifeblood

To refer your patient for therapeutic venesection please provide details required in these drop-down menus.

Updated App with New Functionality!

From 05/09/2022 referrals can be submitted electronically through secure file transfer. Because no information will be stored there is no need for you to log in or remember passwords. Simply complete the referral and hit send and the Lifeblood team will take it from there. Lifeblood will not be able to send any reminders regarding expired referrals, so please note when a new referral will be required. If you have any questions please contact the Therapeutic Helpdesk: therapeutichelpdesk@redcrossblood.org.au or 1300 669 054

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The personal information that you enter on this electronic application allows your patient to be registered and enrolled as a Lifeblood therapeutic or normal volunteer blood donor, and for the person to be registered to provide blood for clinical use when donor selection guidelines are met. No personal information will be stored on the therapeutic application. Lifeblood will handle all information received in the strictest confidence in accordance with the Federal Privacy Law.